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May 28, 2016
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The Anatomy of a Wincher

Since we don't believe in the "Here is our bumper; take it or leave it" style of business, every Wincher is fully configurable. Therefore, every Wincher starts out as just a basic bumper.

Basic Wincher bumpers are available in one of 3 styles: Bumper Only, Winch style, Receiver style.

After you choose your bumper style, you may add a multitude of options, like paint color, brush guard, light bar, tow points, lights, skid plate, and dock bumpers.

Please use the links at the top-left to learn about each component of the Wincher Bumper, or click on the Wincher bumper from Tactical Armor Group below for the various components.

 Wincher bumper from Tactical Armor Group


Lights Tow Points (these are shackle mounts) Grill Guards Bumper Styles (this one is a winch style) Light Guards Rubber Dock Bumpers